I give up

Hey people, today I realised that I can't share my time with modeling and studies, so as the title says, I quit modding at least when I get better marks in studies.
I would like to give thanks to those who respected my work as I did with them:
-Gred (he didn't share so much with me but he respected my work as the best)
-Kiyoshi Kurosawa
-xDweb team
-Vstanced forum
And all the people I knew in this modding experience but I don't remember maybe due to my bad memory, I'm really sorry for those who had a cooperation project with me like IZ, I hope he can finish it by himself, he's one of the best modders I've known, I wanted to say also special thanks to liviu, gred and flash, they were my special support.
About my works... well I give permission to upload them in xdweb and vstaced if they converted them, nowhere else, and about credits and everything else, I don't care now that I'm leaving, if you feel happy being the fake modeler, do it, for people with private rims, they can share them in xdweb or keep if they want.
Finally I would like to say that I'm gonna be active in your contacts but I won't answer anything about modding. If I come back someday, I'll start from 0 with another name, or maybe with this one.

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2 Responses to “I give up”

  1. awesome rims i like hollow rims and i want to purchase them.

    22 inch rims

  2. Purchase? lol, they are for download in xdweb.ro, I just model rims because I like modeling.