Well, here I am again.

Hi ppl I'm here agin for a few days that I have free, to make a contest between Type-r and meh.
I'll do a Nissan Laurel C130 made by Club[TH]Show, a car I wanted to edit loooooong time ago.
Type-R will do a Honda CRX Del Sol ripped from FM4.
I know that this contest is a bit unbalanced because I'll take a low poly model and Type-R a FM4 one, but I'll try to do as detailed as I can, I also hope Type-R does too :P
Well, that's all for now, when I have more news about this I'll post them here ;D
BTW no votings will be on here as I don't give a fuck about what u think about this contest cars, so think what u want and leave it in your heads.

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  1. Hello, I came here only to say a few abaout the Paulo from RRdesign. He's my friend and when we got the Windows Live Menssager he always showed me the progress he did ​​on the wheel. I hope we have finished this misunderstanding.